This isn't about electronics and doesn't effect Florida Fishermen, however it has the potential to effect all of us. I urge everyone to visit the website and click on the "mayday" graphic. It will allow you to send a message to those making the laws. It is as simple as typing in your name - the computer takes care of the rest!

As you might know, the United Boatmen has aggressively fought to protect the rights of anglers to have reasonable rights and access to landing salt water fish. They have been in the forefront of the fluke battle. Together with friends in the New York Fishing Tackle Trade Association (“NYFTTA”), the Recreational Fishing Alliance (“RFA”) and the New York Marine Trades Association, they sued the National Marine Fisheries Service (“NMFS”) and the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (“ASMFC”) over their arbitrary and improper fluke quota and actions for 2006. As you may know, they filed an appeal with the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

Unfortunately, despite the concern and support fishermen have shown, they cannot continue with the lawsuit appeal, fight for reasonable provisions in the Magnuson-Stevens Act, and fight for the 2007 fluke fishery at the same time. As much as they want to, they simply do not have those kinds of resources.

As a result, Board members from the United Boatmen and NYFTTA, in agreement with the RFA, decided that they had to prioritize their efforts towards the Magnuson-Stevens Act and the 2007 fluke fishery. As a result, it has been decided that their resources will be dedicated to fighting for a better Magnuson-Stevens Act and to get relief from the devastatingly low 5.2 million pound quota proposed by NMFS.

We are also selling t-shirts for the UBNY and their legal battles. All proceeds go to help protect everyones right to fish!

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