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Thread: Spearfishing from Memorial Day 2005

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    Spearfishing from Memorial Day 2005

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    My buddy Steve came down for the Florida Sportsman Keys Forum Bash over Memorial Day weekend last year. His main goal was to catch a dolphin...which he did...a pretty nice bull. The weather was beautiful every day he was down here and I suggested to him that he should try spearfishing at least one time. I took him out and since it was his first time I decided that it would be safest for him to start in less than 15 ft. I set us up on a patch reef that I knew would be holding fish that he could shoot at. He picked it up quickly and shot a few decent hogs for that area and a 22 inch red grouper. Here is a picture of the grouper and one of the hogs back at my friend Dan's dock.


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