Sami MokbelIt difficult to say how long the ban should be - but it certainly needs an application to suspend both international as between FIFA clubs. The suspension of international accessories are not enough. If your ban for biting Branislav Ivanovic was 10 FIFA 15 - then the next sentence should definitely be doubled. Painful: Suarez holds toothache when Chiellini rolls over the ground in pain after the incident, the tooth hurts! Luis Suarez seemed to bite into Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini 15Laurie WhitwellIt FIFA clearly Suarez should play no further role in this FIFA 15 or FIFA long time.Chomping else three times shows a mental problem that will only be recognized as such by the Su??rez world body that governs show their teeth.A prohibit a year is not much in my opinion, as a permanent mouth guard in his return should be considered. Seriously.I would also ask those who have forgiven their behavior. Oscar Tabarez manager, captain Diego Lugano, and Gaston Ramirez (who tried to cover Chiellini bites) must face grilling.Matt LawtonSix months. By the end of the year. I do not know if it ever will be responsible for everything you do will be held, but I would throw the book at him. You must be punished appropriately. Matt Barlow What a pity that we will see Suarez removed from this exciting tournament; take the edge off what promises to be a fantastic last 16 tie between Uruguay and Colombia. But FIFA must deliver a harsh punishment, the prohibition of 10 international FIFA says 15. It is similar to the attack and it was not bad, but no one was injured. I see no reason to prohibit all FIFA. This does not occur with any other type of aggression in the field. Controversy: Suarez (left) is caught Branislav Ivanovic bite FIFA quarterback in April 2013 Previous: Su??rez got FIFA 15 ban for biting PSV seven Ottman Bakkal while playing for Ajax, the Al-SamarraiIt 2010Riath difficult because the disciplinary record for this involve the same man. This man. This strange man endowed. Using what was previously discarded, there must be more than 10, FIFA 15. But how much? It's worse than kicking a fan (Eric Cantona nine months)? I do not think it is. It's worse than Joey Barton rage against Manchester City in 2012 (12 games)? I would say yes. And this is a repeat. Of course you need more effective than it has received to psychological help until now. The six month ban from FIFA competitive at every level - but it must be meaningful action. Hannibal Lecter mask can also help. Ian LadymanThe incident must be assessed on its own merits. The hysteria that surrounded course, but FIFA have to follow its own rules and three FIFA 15 ban - no more - for violent conduct.Rob Draper What will happen? Three or four-game ban by FIFA.